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Saku Hagita
Name Saku Hagita
Kanji Name 萩田 朔
Nicknames Hagita
Gender Male
Age 16 (present)

26 (future)

Hair Color Tan brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Azusa (girlfriend in new timeline)
Birthday February 29
Future Status Alive

Saku Hagita (萩田 朔) is one of the characters in the story and classmate of Naho's. He also gets a letter from his future self to help save Kakeru.  With the help of Naho and his friends, they all want to save Naruse before his fate.


He has short brownish grey hair and wears glasses. He is less muscular than Suwa and Kakeru, and is an average height. He switches to contacts in the future.

His height is 174cm and blood type is AB.


Hagita is generally a calm and quiet person. He is usually subject to playful teasing from the group, especially from Azusa. He is also incredibly awkward at times, and is usually oblivious to how strange he can act (such as when he drew on fake abs at the sports festival or when he bluntly said Suwa likes Naho). He likes reading manga. In the future, Hagita has retained his calmness and quietness, though he has become more mature and in-tune with his friends' feelings. (One example of this is in Mirai, when Hagita tells Suwa-who doesn't want to forget and leave out Kakeru, even after his death- that the one Naho is looking at now is him, not Kakeru.) A consistent and noticeable trait of Hagita's, both in current time and in the future, is his stubbornness to accept his feelings for Azusa. In Mirai, Azusa and Hagita reveal they finally started dating, in which spurs teasing and a comment from Takako, asking "When's the wedding?" He quickly denies that they aren't getting married yet.



Azusa Murasaka

Saku likes Azusa but denies it. Finally, in the future, it is implied he and Azusa are dating and possibly getting married.