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Hiroto Suwa
Name Hiroto Suwa
Kanji Name 須和 弘人
Gender Male
Age 17 (present)

26 (future)

Hair Color Copper brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Naho Takamiya (wife,First timeline)

Matsumoto (with Naho Takamiya, First timeline)

Birthday November 27
Future Status Alive (Main Timeline)

Alive & married to Naho Takamiya (Alternate Timeline)

Hiroto Suwa (須和 弘人 Suwa Hiroto) is one of the main characters in the story and classmate of Naho's. He also gets a letter from his future-self to help save Kakeru.  With the help of Naho and his friends, they all want to save Kakeru before his fate. He is also the protagonist of Mirai, the story and movie that focus on his feelings towards Naho, as well as his actions that led up to the alternate timeline's future. 


Suwa character profile.png

Suwa is shown to be tall and muscular. His height is 185cm and blood type is O.

In the present timeline, he has longer lighter chestnut brown hair and black eyes. He wears his school uniform fairly neatly, donning a dark green blazer, blue sweater, grey slacks, white shirt and brown shoes. Instead of the standard brown school bag, he instead utilizes a red and white Adidas bag, which he also brings to soccer practice. He wears a beaded necklace around his neck in the present timeline, but not in the future timeline.

In the future, he wears a black shirt, a blue jacket, green khaki pants, and brown lace boots.


Suwa has an extroverted, happy, and easy-going personality. He is the first person to interact with Kakeru after he transfers, which further proves his open and friendly traits. He's occasionally gluttonous, and has a good sense of humor. He is also a kind person who acts selflessly for others, as shown when he's willing to put Naho and Kakeru's feelings over his own so they can be happy. Suwa occasionally acts clueless and unknowing as well. One example of this is with his own letter, in which he tells Naho that he got a letter just like hers, much after its initial arrival (he also never reveals to Naho that they got married in the future). Another example of this is his actions that lead to the alternate timeline's future; he is aware of both Kakeru and Naho's feelings for each other, but stays quiet and never says anything until after Kakeru has passed. Another strange trait of his is his willingness to do embarrassing things; as seen in many examples throughout the story, such as when he gives Kakeru flowers, gets on his hands and knees and begs for Kakeru to join the soccer club, and (in the alternate future) proposes to Naho before they even begin dating.


Suwa is on the soccer team.

Orange Mirai[]

In the second (our main) timeline, Suwa chose to support the relationship between Naho and Kakeru rather than confessing his feelings to Naho. He understood the regret that his future self had for not saving Kakeru. 

In the original timeline, Suwa chose not to reveal that Naho and Kakeru had feelings for one another, despite realizing that they are both passive people who don’t actively chase after their own happiness. 

After Kakeru died, Suwa considered himself a bad person for not being able to save him. He also felt tremendous guilt for ending up with Naho and held doubts that they would be together if Kakeru was alive, to which Naho replied that she still would’ve chosen him (Suwa) in this world.

His guilt spreads to the main timeline’s Suwa as well through his letter causing present Suwa to consider himself a bad person for being someone who could use Kakeru’s death to get close to a vulnerable Naho. However, his friends reassured him that he wasn’t that type of person and that it was simply instinctual for him to console Naho whenever she was upset.

The original timeline’s Suwa chose to end his letter ensuring that present Suwa knew he had a choice on which path he should choose after saving Kakeru. And he chose not to share his feelings with Naho. 

In the future of the alternate timeline, Kakeru and Naho’s infant son is quite fond of Suwa. As Suwa holds the child and looks towards the two of them smiling together, he realizes he made the right choice. The seven of them enjoy a picnic together before watching the orange sunset. 

The original Naho awakens with tears of joy from a dream seeing Kakeru smile in the parallel universe surrounded by those he loves. Suwa assures her, that world exists and that in some alternate world they were able to save him, by sharing that he too had the same dream. 

Orange Mirrai is written by Ichigo Takano.

Atualmente, Hiroto Suwa, namora com Lann, começaram a namorar meses após se conhecerem, hoje eles possuem um relacionamento duradouro.