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Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date July 31, 2016
Written by Takano Ichigo
Directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki
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In a letter from alternative timeline Takamiya, it says that Naruse will be absent for a week starting May 24th. Takamiya assumes this is because it has been 49 days since his mother's death.

Naruse is seen entering the classroom soaking wet because he forgot his umbrella. Takamiya brings a bath towel because alternative timeline Takamiya only brought a handkerchief. Naruse asks if he could walk home with Takamiya. According to the letter, since soccer is on hiatus due to upcoming tests, the six of them walk home together. However, in the present timeline, all of them but Naruse and Takamiya, have other plans and choose to let them walk by themselves. Despite it not following the letter, Takamiya still agrees. On the walk home, they stop by a coupke of view points. While at the top, Naruse asks Takamiya to close her eyes. Naruse gives her a hair clip and takes a picture. This is a thank you gift for the lunches and wake-up calls. Takamiya thanks him and expresses her gratitude. After some conversation, Naruse invites Takamiya to study at the library. While at the library. Ueda sees them and comments on how lame they are. On July 4th, everyone gets their scores back. Naruse scores the highest. Naruse thanks Takamiya for her help and notes. After the scores are passed out, the teacher thinks there is a way to build a time machine. Takamiya wonders how the letters got sent back to her. They talk about parallel worlds and this explains their current situation. Takamiya contemplates this and comes to the conclusion that she cannot help the other Takamiya. When it is time for lunch, Naruse and Takamiya discover they made lunch for each other. While eating, they talk about what they would do if they could time travel. While walking to class, Takamiya asks Naruse to watch the fireworks with her, just the two of them because of the letter's contents. Later, Naruse asks Suwa if it is okay if he goes with Takamiya to the fireworks alone.


Naruse- 97

Takamiya- 92

Murasaka- 24

Chino- 53

Hagita- 85