Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Kakeru's story of moving with his mother. The events of the original alternate timeline are shown such as the school losing the softball team since Naho hesitated to. Also the events that led to Kakeru's mother suicide and even his own by getting run over by a truck while riding his bicycle. Before dying Kakeru wondered who who Naho gave the chocolate heart to. In the present Naho reads the letter of her future self never being able to talk the same way with Kakeru again after New Years. Naho was able to apologize, things were still not fixed as Kakeru was avoiding Naho. Leaving her broken if all of the times with Kakeru is over. The episode would conclude with Naho telling Kakeru to wait until Valentine's Day. SHe is willing to reconnect with him whether he likes or hates her.

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